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Submission Management

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The X-Day web site provides automated forms to submit new works to the showcase, to edit the details for those, to delete them from the showcase, and to manage whether or not each submission is competing.

Entering Your Submission

The set of forms for managing your submissions to X-Day are accessed through the Submit Work page. After you are logged in, that page will show you a list of your existing submissions (if any), plus a separate link for adding new submissions. Beside the list item for each existing submission is a link for editing or deleting that submission.

Regardless of whether you are adding a new submission or editing an existing one, the form looks the same, aside from minor details (such as the name of the 'submit' button), and that the fields do not start out empty when you are editing. Here is a list of the details you will be asked to provide for a submission; '[N]c' is the maximum character length; 'MA' means mandatory:

When you submit this form with the 'Add' or 'Update' button, then assuming it is filled in correctly, the new or updated submission will appear in the Showcase. Note that you can come back and change any of the details you entered until the Clean-up period ends.

Multiple Creator Submissions

When a work has multiple primary creators, and is not being submitted soley as the product of a named group, then all of those individuals must endorse that work's submission to X-Day. One of them will Add the submission in the usual way, and then the others would link to it. See the Content Rules page for more details on rules concerning works by multiple named individual co-creators. Each creator must have an individual's X-Day account.

While it isn't required, the following will be easier if all of your co-creators already have an X-Day account prior to the work being submitted in the first place.

On the large form for editing a submission (after it was initially added in the first place), there is a link that the initial submitter would click to go to the Co-creator Invitation form. On this form, you will find a checklist of other X-Day individual's participant accounts. You check the box next to each one owned by a co-creator of this submission. When you submit that checklist form, an invitation will be sent to each of those accounts to endorse and be credited for the submission.

When each of your co-creators logs in to their Submission Management screens, then in addition to the standard 'add' link and their current submissions list, there will be a list having each submission that they have been invited to co-create. Beside each is an 'accept' link; clicking it will signify their endorsement of the submission's entry, and they will now be recorded as a co-creator; the submission will be moved up to their standard submission list (as it is for the original submitter).

Note that all co-creators of a submission have the same privileges to edit the details for that submission, such as the url or description, so any of them can fix it up if the original submitter becomes non-communicative.

Submission Hosting

All X-Day submissions must be posted on the internet somewhere that is visible to a standard web browser, such as on a standard HTTP server. You do not paste your submissions into the submission form. You must find your own web host, whether free or paid or shared, to hold all copies of your submissions that you are submitting links to. Unlike in previous years, there is no allowance for hosting submissions on the X-Day web server; so if you don't have your own hosting arrangement, then get one now!

Submission Evaluation Guidelines

Participants who submit work need to follow the guidelines on the Rules pages as they pertain to their submissions. X-Day staff will also use these guidelines when evaluating submissions for approval to the showcase and/or competition. Please be considerate to the X-Day staff and follow these steps when submitting your works, to save the staff the extra work involved with handling incorrect submissions.

Note that, if a staff member says that a submission is not approved, then the submitter will be sent a short message saying why. Usually it can be corrected. The Content Rules page gives more details on the submission approval process.

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