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Rules and FAQs Introduction

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The Rules for the X-Day 2004 Showcase and Competition will mostly resemble those for previous years, with some changes. Please take a few minutes to go over the Rules pages carefully before registering or submitting your work or voting.

X-Day is an event for people of all skill levels. Both amateurs and professionals are welcome and encouraged to participate. Having your works compete is strictly optional. All submissions receive feedback, so you can still know what people think of your creations.


X-Day will use English as the only language for communications. You must have a working knowledge of English to participate, but that doesn't have to be your native language. This is the only way the X-Day staff will be able to communicate with you effectively. All submitted fan fiction must be written in English so that it can be evaluated. Submitted fan web sites may be any language you want, as long as the site owner (the participant) knows English as well.

Alternate Realities

X-Day takes all of the different X-Men versions or canons or continuities or universes on equal terms. You may submit works based on the original X-Men comics, the X-Men movies, any of the X-Men animated TV series (including "X-Men Evolution", the 1992-1995 "X-Men" series, and older appearances), the Ultimate X-Men comics, or other miscellaneous comic appearances. There are not separate categories for comics, cartoons and the movies, they will all compete in the same categories. Each submitted work will indicate in its description which universe it is based on, so that it is easier for viewers to evaluate it. Note that the "Mutant-X" TV series is *not* related to X-Men at all.

Marvel's Characters

X-Day is for works related to Marvel's X-Men and related titles or characters. Some works for non-mutant Marvel titles and characters will also be accepted, if they have some type of connection the X-Men. For one example, works based on titles featuring Firestar (such as New Warriors or Avengers), whose comic origin ties with the Hellions, or Quicksilver (of Avengers), who has ties to Magneto and his Brotherhood, are acceptable. For a second example, works based on titles who guest-starred and/or were strongly influenced by X-Men characters and plot lines, such as Power Pack or Thunderbolts, are acceptable. Technically, works based on almost anything can be submitted, since the X-Men franchise is vast and touches nearly everything. If in doubt, ask the X-Day Manager.

Original Characters

Original characters are allowed and welcome in your created works. They will be treated at the same level as Marvel-owned characters (as long as they are meant to exist within an existing X-Men universe or variant thereof). Original characters are a staple of Fan Fiction. This applies to Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Fan Costumes, Fan Media, and Fan Websites. You can have works in any category (unless the category says otherwise) featuring:

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