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This page has links to the archived web sites for X-Days of years' past, or if not the whole sites, then at least some of their contents.

The archived files for the X-Day 2002 and 2001 sites, plus the submissions for 2000, come from Shannon's 2002 upload to the X-Day server, while she managed the X-Day 2002 web site. The archived main pages for X-Day 2000 were provided by the Internet Archive copy of the crosswinds site. The entire X-Day 1999 website was copied verbatim (except the spyware HTML which GeoCities inserts was removed) from its original home, which is still alive today. The main pages for X-Day 1998 were provided by the Internet Archive copy of the Geocities site. What little you see (a single page each) for X-Day 1998, 1997, 1996 is also from Shannon's 2002 upload. ... Update for 1998 in Progress ...

Note that there are broken links in these older web sites, as the creative submissions that they pointed to have moved or dropped off the web. But these links will not be removed or changed. They will stay as they always were, so to most accurately preserve the history of X-Day, and of the fan community. If you find a broken link, then try copying the url into the lookup form on the Internet Archive, which likely has preserved a copy for you to look at.

Strangely enough, the page for X-Day 1996 is saying that one of the submissions is the previous year's winner, implying there was another X-Day before. And so the mystery deepens.

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